Thursday, December 27, 2018

Joyface debuts on Avenue C

A new neighborhood bar called Joyface opens today at 104 Avenue C at Seventh Street.

These photos, by Steven, were taken last week with the Joyface signage was added to the exterior...

This has been in the works going back to the summer of 2017, when applicants Jennifer Shorr, who used to live in the building at 104 Avenue C, and her partner Brian Powell were OK'd by CB3 to take over the space.

The previous tenant, Alphabet Lounge, was apparently not well-liked by immediate neighbors. During the CB3 SLA committee meeting in August 2017, four longtime residents of either No. 104 or nearby buildings talked about what a horror show Alphabet Lounge was. (They were also there to support Shorr and Powell.)

The bar's 1970s basement rec-room look was also the subject of a feature last week in Architectural Digest...

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Shawn G. Chittle said...

Will be giving this place a shot! Maybe I'll write a review.

Anonymous said...

Another drinking hole on Ave C and such demand for it as well. Some places have recently failed others with light traffic and customer attendance hanging on one step before the Marshal's notice. A few Wayland, ABC Beers do well and some established others offering more than alcohol Zum Schneider, Kafka and Eddie and the Wolf come to mind do well also. But its a mostly free country after the Community Board so I guess your free to try.