Monday, December 17, 2018

1 more post about this corner of Avenue B and 3rd Street

[Photo by EV Heave]

The for-rent sign has arrived at 38 Avenue B at Third Street, site of the recently Cromanated China Wok.

The asking rent is $6,495.

Meanwhile, in the space next door that last housed Dojo Noodle House, the for-rent sign has been removed...

Rumor here is a Spanish empanadas-type place is coming soon...


David said...

Empanadas place coming to the China Wok space or Dojo?

And just WHERE are we supposed to order egg drop soup and fried dumplings now when we are hungover at 11AM...Huh?

But, i guess Thank God we now have a Marshal's on Houston, right?

The East village is turning into a Black mirror episode.

Gojira said...

@David - A&C Kitchen on Avenue C. The only problem is, they don't open until 11:30!

Anonymous said...

This place has been here for over 23 years - it’s the last place on our street surviving from when I moved here. I knew them well. It absolutely broke my heart to see them pushed out after surviving 23 years and a fire. Where will these small business owners go now? This is what decades of hard work gets you when greed kicks in - everything lost.