Tuesday, December 25, 2018

This Christmas Day, time to think about mulching the tree in your living room

The city is not wasting any time spreading the word on its annual MulchFest... Steven spotted signs up today at the Ninth Street/Avenue A entrance to Tompkins Square Park.

People can start bidding their trees fir-well* and dropping them off on Jan. 4 for the two-day MulchFest that will take place in Tompkins Square Park on Jan. 12-13.

Of course some people can't wait to discard their trees... this one was spotted this morning... inconspicuously hanging out by the benches in the Park...

Anyway, don't feel compelled to get rid of your tree at the city's urging. There's another 11 months or so left to enjoy their company.

* the fir-well line is courtesy of the Parks Dept.



I didn't even bother to decorate my tree. I walked it over to MulchFest immediately after purchasing it.

Anonymous said...

Not giving it up until MLK Day