Thursday, December 27, 2018

Holidays in the East Village

[Met Fresh, Avenue D]

EVG contributor Stacie Joy took these photos in shops and on the streets to capture some of the holiday spirit on display around the neighborhood this season...

[Lancelotti, Avenue A]

[Andrew Glover Youth Program, Avenue B]

[Mother & daughter, Avenue D]

[Porto Rico, St. Mark's Place]

[Ray's Candy Store, Avenue A]

[Key Food, Avenue A]

[Il Posto Accanto, 2nd Street]

[Fly at MoRUS, Avenue C]

[Hamilton Fish Recreation Center, Pitt Street]

[Exit9, Avenue A]

[4th Street at Avenue C]

[Avenue D]

[The Odessa, Avenue A]

[Sneak Ez, 9th Street]

[The Stand, 7th and Avenue C]

[Scrooge, Stanton Street]

[The Sock Man, St. Mark's Place]

[Shop Fair, Avenue C]

[Spark Pretty, 9th Street]


And an extended look at 7B/Horseshoe Bar/Vazac's on Seventh Street and Avenue B... a winter wonderland this time of year...


Anonymous said...

Great photo tour of the good things about the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Stacie Joy (so aptly named!), and thanks Grieve for sharing these great photos with us!

Welshchef said...

Great piece! Thanks

Eden Bee said...

Great photos!