Saturday, December 22, 2018

A mosaic destroyed on 3rd Avenue and St. Mark's Place

A reader shares these photos from the northeast corner of Third Avenue and St. Mark's Place... where one of Jim Power's mosaics was destroyed.

Per the reader: "The way the bits are laying on the ground it looks like it was intentional — or maybe a truck backed into it or something. Who knows. Anyway, it’s really upsetting."


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that it was an accident--but years of seeing the occasional graffiti on ALAMO remind me that there are vandals who are unable to create their own art and accordingly delight in destroying or defacing that of others. Jim Power's works have always been a gift to the neighborhood.

Scuba Diva said...

Whether it was an accident or not, the result is the same.

Fred said...

This was definitely intentional.

Anonymous said...

So what if his art was removed? His artwork was supposed to be up forever? Who died and made him the only one to do art on these lamp posts? I'm not saying it's right to remove his art to be mean but maybe someone else will put new art on it if he doesn't put new mosaics on it. Street art has been, is, and always will be organic. His art has had a nice life but defacement and removal was bound to happen - that's the natural order of city street art.

Anonymous said...

Wow the commenter above me seems like QUITE the contraction. Must be a lotta fun to hang out with.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe I read once that Jim Power was granted freedom by the local government to maintain and create his beautiful mosaics because they are a rich, unique part of the history of this incredible neighborhood, one that we know is fading faster and faster each day.

To compare his work to some run-of-the-mill Street tagger graffiti proves the ignorance of the commenter above.

Anonymous said...

11:12pm here @ 10:18am

I did not "compare (Jim's) work to some run-of-the-mill Street tagger graffiti", I am not ignorant, dude/ette who misspells the word "contradiction", and yes, I am quite fun to hang out with although my hanging out days are most likely over.

I stand by what I wrote and to clarify: IF someone defaced his art it is not right, but if someone did and you want it back, Jim has to re-install it. If he doesn't then let it be a canvas for another artist.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:12

Actually the word was supposed to be “contrarian” but autocorrect is a prick... calling you a contradiction wouldn’t really make much sense.

Still not sure the point you were originally trying to make. And no I don’t think someone else has the right to put up art in place of Jim’s.

If you are aware of any basic rules of graffiti or tagging, I think Jim has more than earned his rep and jurisdiction over these lamp posts. If someone else put up a tag over your tag, that would be an insult.

To do the same to Jim’s art would be as well.