Friday, June 13, 2008

At the Bowery Wine Co. protest Friday night

Here are a few videos from the Bowery Wine Company protest tonight. (Apologies if they look as shaky and grainy as Cloverfield. Still learning the ways of the camera.) Not sure how much narrative you need, though I'll likely add some later...The fellow in the first and third video was the lone dissenter. He kept yelling "pussies go home." He also repeated, "We're republicans, and we're here to stay!" No word yet whether he was an official representative of the New York Young Republican Club.

As I note in the post above this, I was only able to stay for the first leg of the protest, which, as Jeremiah reports, continued on to CBGB/Varvatos, the Bowery Hotel, 47 E. 3rd St., then down to Avenue A, through Tompkins Square Park, and finished at the Christodora House. His Flickr pool is here. Bob Arihood was also with the group the entire time. He took many compelling photos, as usual.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing this--thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I was there but only at the Bowery Wine Co. rally.

Where were Bloomberg, any NYC Councilmen, or any of the NYState Assemblymen? Probably at the wine bar's VIP room.

The videos don't work in Mozilla Firefox browser -- just FYI (had to go to explorer, which I hate because of Bill Gates since he and MS are also a symbol of yuppiehood.)