Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Walking the plank at the Mermaid Inn

Shoot! Someone was on guard last evening to watch and protect the fresh patch of sidewalk against initial-engraving vandals. I was hoping to engrave "free the lobsters" and "lobster killers" into the sidewalk! (By the way, I have no idea whether they even serve lobster.) Or, at the very least, "EV Grieve11!!!11"


Anonymous said...

Or you could have presented yourself as an advocate for the Mermaids, accusing Mermaid Inn of violating the Mermaid's civil rights and abusing and mistreating their names, and the use of their name without their approval; furthermore, the use of their name and the stereotypical and derogatory symbols that depicts Mermaids as inferior, foolish, and violent and that mocked Mermaid's appearances, dress, and cultures. By engraving on the fresh patch of the sidewalk , you are merely exercising your right of Free Speech.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Wish I had thought of that!