Sunday, June 1, 2008

A short walk on 8th Street/St. Mark's Place

As you probably know, Dallas BBQ packed up last fall...and you'd never guess what's taking its spot...

On the other side of the street, Joyce Leslie is moving to Broadway and Bond. Perhaps a good spot for a bank?

Good! Need to stock up!

Gulp. That crane.

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Anonymous said...

never a fan of the BBQ on 8th st. (they tend to favor serving whites, esp. European women, the rest are just cattle), but a Capital One Bank?! how long have they been around and how long will they last -- remember Chemical Bank, Manufacturer's Hanover Trust, East River Savings Bank, and others that I can't think of their names. Maybe, that location is cursed.

On a separate note, I was using the ATM at the Commerce Bank on Broadway and Bond, and they had a NYPD cop, I guess moonlighting in the bank, giving me a dagger look. I've felt safer back then when the banks were fewer and no cops manning them.