Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tompkins Square summer movie series begins tonight

And I'm ready to defend Better Off Dead as a great movie.


Anonymous said...

Better Off Dead IS a great movie. Sometimes I wonder, which ones are worse, those who don't like the movie or those who has not seen nor heard of the movie.

Blade Runner is a great way to start the festival -- it's a forecast of the future of NYC. Hope that the yunnies will come out and see that film , so that they can see the product of their narcissistic condo building actions.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Always happy to find other Better Off Dead fans. (I was actually hoping for One Crazy Summer, but this will do...)

Dunno about The Toy, though. Gleason and Pryor, but...Haven't seen it since it came out in 1982. Maybe it improved with age. I still remember the Master Bates running gag.

Anonymous said...

my first non-paper-route job in high school was tearing tickets at a two-screen movie theater in a strip mall. screen 1 had The Verdict and screen 2 had The Toy. i haven't seen either film in 20-some years but i bet i could quote along on many lines with either of them.