Monday, June 30, 2008

But of course (And a look back at 110 Third Ave.)

So what's new at 110 Third Ave.? (Or, shall I say One Ten Third Ave.?)

And this branch won't haven't any of that panhandling (they spell it pan handling, meaning someone who handles pans? Or something to hold hot pots with?) or nonbanking business!

Meanwhile, a moment of silence for the old 110 Third Ave. (Sigh.)

RIP, June 2005.

[Photo courtesy of Patrick Crowley]

And, of course, 110 Third Ave.'s place in cinematic history:


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should round-up as a many homeless people and have them panhandle in front of Bank of America. Or, they need not be homeless people; we can just start panhandling, and if they tell us that they're going to prosecute, tell them we're not pan handling -- we're panhandling.

Ken Mac said...

and of course, how can we resist..."one day a real rain will come along and wash all this scum off the street." Judgement day. If there's a hell below...

Jill said...

Come to think of it there are no more porn theaters anywhere I can think of. I can't say I miss the porn, but I did love the way that theater looked.

Anonymous said...

Two banks and two frozen yogurt places on every block..The future is certainly BLEAK.