Monday, May 13, 2013

51 Astor Place's Fourth Avenue entrance is actually on East Ninth Street

Over on the Fourth Avenue side of the incoming 51 Astor Place building... (sidebar: Woo — balloons!)

The entrance has come into view... As EVG regular Terry Howell points out ..."I did notice that they seem to have built it wrong way round. The sign says "100 East 9th St." when the door is obviously on 4th Ave. This will really confuse the tourists."

Perhaps. Meantime, we're still confused by our headline.


Anonymous said...

No balloons for the perfectly healthy tree they cut down?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...


BT said...

Interesting... as 770 Broadway (home of AOL and Nielsen) is actually on 9th street, also (or maybe it's 10th, I forget)

I wonder why they do that.. it's obviously on purpose. I can see how a broadway address is "better", but 4th ave vs 9th street? no difference.