Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alphabet Plaza starts to apply sun block

Just about a month ago, the incoming Alphabet Plaza, the 12-story mixed-used apartment building at East Houston and East Second Street/Avenue D, made its first appearance above ground.

Here, EVG reader Ray shares a different perspective... the first shot is about the same time one month ago..

... and now as of yesterday...

As you can see, residents living in 11-13 Avenue D are slowly losing their southern views.

The Real Deal had a rendering of the new building back in November...

As The Real Deal first reported:

The owner is Kahen Properties, which purchased six lots on the corner of Avenue D and East 2nd Street for $21 million in December [2011] ... Kahen is planning to spend another $30 million on the project, where apartments will rent in the $2,500 to $3,600 range. The building will also include some affordable units, along with a rooftop terrace, gym and doorman.

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fierce prey said...

any info on how to apply for the affordable housing?

Fipper said...

It's a lottery/waiting list. They have to post the announcement for upcoming lotteries in the newspapers, usually in the form of a small ad in the back pages of the Daily News or the NY Post for like 3 days only. However, people usually hear about these through word-of-mouth...

ericfg said...

check in with the folks at GOLES, they usually have the details on these lotteries

Gojira said...

Southern views, light, air circulation, sunshine - aw but hell, who needs crap like that when they have fro-you and gluten-free cupcakes and ice cream and bar after bar after bar? I mean, really.

Melinda Olavarria said...

I'm looking. For a two bedroom apartment. I would like to know how much is the rent