Friday, May 17, 2013

Report: Opening date for Avenue A 7-Eleven pushed back to November

[7-Eleven plywood pic by Michael Sean Edwards]

The incoming 7-Eleven on the corner of Avenue A and East 11th Street looks like it will be, uh, incoming for an additional six months. The No 7-Eleven blog pointed out that the opening date has been pushed back from June to November, according to the company's franchise website.

Per the No 7-Eleven blog:

Ben Shaoul recently sold the building to Jared Kushner which may have something to do with the delay ... In the past few weeks workers have removed the flimsy plywood roof and replaced the dangerous wooden gangplank that surrounds the catastrophe corner.

If the November deadline holds, then construction will have gone on (and off) for 14 months. Wonder what the franchise record is ...

[A recent look behind the plywood by EVG reader OlympiasEpiriot]

Meanwhile, there is a also a new "No 7-Eleven" Petition. Find that here.

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shmnyc said...

On their blog, N7E takes credit for this development. That's some self-importance!

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, wanted to hold a party there in September.

Anonymous said...

"On their blog, N7E takes credit for this development. That's some self-importance!"

Where exactly does No 7-Eleven take credit for this? I didn't read that. You sound like an obsessed stalker on your blog. It's frightening to know there are people like you walking among us.

Anonymous said...

"The original opening date was scheduled for May, then it was pushed back to June, and now it has been pushed back again to November according to the 7-Eleven franchise website. Ben Shaoul recently sold the building to Jared Kushner which may have something to do with the delay and, possibly, why work has come to a screeching halt."

No 7-Eleven is not taking credit for this. They clearly say it may have something to do with the recent sale of the building. Are your reading comprehension skills THAT poor?

Now go tend to your stalker blog.

rob said...

Credit or no, a six month (!) delay is a win for NO711.

Anonymous said...

SHMNYC admitted on his blog in a comment he lied.

Anonymous said...

It's also worth noting the No 7-Eleven blog and the other blog he keeps referring to are two completely different blogs.

rob said...

It wouldn't be the first time. He described No711 as a "business association" several times (even here on Grieve) even *after* I explained to him that we're a group of residents. When I tried to correct him again on his blog, he censored my comments (!) claiming that I was writing too much in his comment section. Writing too much indeed!

I don't object to people who like 711. They are part of the community and deserve to be heard. No711 itself recognizes that chain stores have a place (just not everywhere and to the exclusion of everything). But shmnyc invents straw men solely to undermine No711.

He's made only two good points: 1) some bodegas (but a lot fewer than he thinks) exploit undocumented immigrant labor; 2) No711 can't prevent SoHo boutiques from opening here (but EV commerce is mostly restaurants and bars, not boutiques -- the ones on 10th came in when the rents were cheap, and they'll be replaced with restaurants eventually).

But shmnyc doesn't do anything about the exploitation of undocumented labor. I haven't seen him post anything on immigration reform and path to citizenship. That's where he might actually be helpful towards raising public awareness.

Anonymous said...

re: Rob 7:24PM "2) No711 can't prevent SoHo boutiques from opening here "

Are you saying that having some boutiques like these in Soho would be a bad thing ? I would LOVE to have stores like that instead of all the bars.

rob said...

So our choices are nightlife strip for the young-with-means or sheltered, complacent gentrification?

No commerce is better than any commerce. In the '70's and '80's the storefronts were vacant. Free.

Instead of Beats, we commemorate them with a festival designed to promote local real estate. The future will be vapid.