Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A reminder not to lock your bike to a tree

Helpful reminder spotted on East Fifth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B last night. (You know what happens when you lock a bike to a tree.)

No word if this is the work of the esteemed East Fifth St. Tree Committee. Likely not, given the note isn't on neon pink paper. (Plus it's a different block.)

Photo by Robert Sietsema via Twitter

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Anonymous said...

That block definitely needs more fuckin bike racks. There's a fair number of bars and eateries there, and hardly any proper places to lock a bike. And if you are thinking of making a snarky comment about my predilection for riding a bike, suck it.

Makeout said...

What a ballbag. NEVER lock to trees. Or scaffolding. or loose poles. Or oh well you get my point.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who posted the sign. Not only did the bike thieves take the bike, but they pretty much killed the tree by ripping almost all of its branches off. Result: one stolen bike, one (very likely) dead tree, and many pissed off residents of the building. Parks department has been called, but in the meantime the broken branches have been duct taped back on with a vain hope that they will somehow regrow.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the fuckin bike. ITS NOT FAIR TO THE TREE asshole

moe said...

Per 9:50, the many construction projects on the block resulted in new sidewalks, and they don't bother putting the alternate side parking sign poles back in when the contractors do the new sidewalks, so there are less and less poles to attach bikes to. Technically you can get off on alternate side tickets because the signs are too far apart, but good luck on that.

Not to excuse chaining a bike to a tree, always a moronic and hateful action for multiple reasons. We had a guy cut a young tree down by the con ed on 5th street a few years ago to steal a fancy bike chained to it. That classy gent has since expired from natural causes, perhaps there is a god after all.

Anonymous said...

When I grew up there, you wouldn't dare bring your body let alone a bike!