Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reader report: Coyi Cafe closes after Sunday on Avenue B

Coyi Cafe, an unpretentious little spot on Avenue B near East Third Street, will close for good after Sunday, according to an EVG reader. We didn't hear a reason why. We stopped by yesterday to find the Cafe closed until tomorrow.

Coyi Cafe, which serves tea, coffee and assorted sandwiches, opened here back in January 2009.


nygrump said...

Let me guess, the landlord wanted to triple the rent.

Anonymous said...

This one doesn't make sense to me. Their prices were certainly above average, they were often really busy and that stretch of Avenue B has quite a few empty storefronts. The space is so small that it's pretty limited what can fit in there. Another $125 vegan hair salon maybe?

Anonymous said...

ugh.... this was my bright spot during the recession unemployment hell. maybe they are just moving?

Anonymous said...

Really sad to see these guys leave. I live next door and have been getting my coffee and breakfast sandwiches from here for over 4 years now.

Such nice people and a really great coffee shop. They'll be greatly missed!