Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What are these workers painting inside the retail space at the IBM Watson building?

Yes, the headline is the question! EVG regular William Klayer caught this action yesterday afternoon inside 51 Astor Place (aka, the IBM Watson building), where "they were painting like mad."

Hmm. What do you suppose is inside this new yellow box thing? (Something for the rabbit?)

Meanwhile, several readers have pointed out that the listings ("flagship opportunity!") for the three ground-floor retail spaces are no longer active on the RKF site. So perhaps a retail announcement is imminent.

EVG readers shared their thoughts last June on what kind of businesses they thought would lease these retail spaces. Popular answers included bank branch, bank and bank branch.

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Anonymous said...

Monkey business.

Anonymous said...

The new set for "Let's Make a Deal"?

8:53 am said...

Dumb Watson

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

My guess is it's a happy sunny coffin for all the hopes and dreams of average East Villagers.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

It contains a giant leg lamp.

Anonymous said...

Hooka Bar?
Nail Salon?