Thursday, October 30, 2014

383 Lafayette wrapped ahead of NYU expansion

Workers have erected the sidewalk bridge and plywood around NYU's Academic Support Center (the former Tower video space) at 383 Lafayette St. at East Fourth Street.

As Curbed noted this past summer, NYU plans to expand the building, adding four new floors on the land that previously housed the Plantworks garden center these past 40 years.

[Rendering photo by Evan Bindelglass via Curbed]

Meanwhile, in other NYU expansion news on Lafayette Street, the school paid $157 million for 402-408 Lafayette Street (AKA 708 Broadway) to use as a short-term stand-in for the Coles Sports and Recreation Center. (Crunch used to be on the ground-floor before moving over to 2 Cooper Square.) NYU will use the upper floors for classrooms.

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Sexton and Bloomberg= worst combo for downtown NYC, EVER.