Friday, October 24, 2014

End of an Era: Rent hike KOs East 9th Street boutique

[Photo via Racked]

Grey Era, the 3-year-old boutique at 435 E. Ninth St., is closing next month.

"The building got sold and I got priced out — familiar story around here," owner Sierra Fromberg told us. (Jared Kushner bought the building back in the fall of 2012.)

Fromberg doesn't have any plans to relocate as of now.

Meanwhile, everything must go at the shop between First Avenue and Avenue A.

"I am officially closing as of Nov. 16 unless everything sells before then, including all clothing and furniture," said Fromberg. (You can head to the store's Facebook page or Instagram account for details on sale items.)

And as for the neighborhood…

"I have loved more than anything the true sense of community that is unique to the East Village," she said. "Having grown up in the city, I have lived and worked in almost every neighborhood, and nowhere comes close to feeling so much like a little family as it does here."


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

They're KOing 9th Street just like they KOed Elizabeth Street.

Scuba Diva said...

Divide and conquer, same as it ever was.

Anonymous said...

Ken, I lived on Prince Street between Elizabeth and Mott from 1985-88. The muffin/coffee shop was the first non-neighborhood place to open up. Then another place, then another... That is when it was KO'd. Whatever is happening now is just part of the process that began then.

Anonymous said...

Store is between 1st and A, not 1st and 2nd.