Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zoltar continues his difficult transition on the left side of Gem Spa's front door

It has been less than a week since Zoltar got the boot from his two-plus-year spot on the right outside Gem Spa on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place.

While we're waiting for the auditing financials for his take this week to compare it to previous weeks … we can say, anecdotally, that he just doesn't look happy here.

And why? To have more room to see a few more bags and hats for raves?

And Key Master sucks.


EV Arrow said...

Not to speculate, but I will anyway.

It's almost as if someone wants Zoltar to fail. It reminds me of the Jets during the 2013 preseason (they brought me in to help with simplifying the offense for rookies). Ryan puts in Mark Sanchez for mop-up duty in the 4th Quarter behind like the 9th string offensive line. He conveniently gets injured so the management who wants to go with Geno Smith has their way.

I forget my point now.

Anonymous said...

I have to say: I think it's about time Zoltar retired.

He managed to build an otherwise lackluster career as the guy who "correctly predicted Coke would go back to the original formula" (although his actual "prediction" was something like "new Coke tastes like pee"). He's a one-trick pony, a has been, and should give up his prime spot to a cell phone charging station or a buttered biscuit vending machine...something more relevant. IMHO.

East Village Today said...

I agree with Anonymous 12:04. I thought it was a good move at first, balancing that side of the store better, but with those signs, and now the overturned chair? Zoltar should be put out to pasture.

Farewell Zoltar. You are destined to join the spirits of the north!

Anonymous said...

If Zoltar doesn't like being pushed on the left side, then maybe he should move to /Ohio/Wisconsin/Midwest/the suburbs...

Crazy Eddie said...

I hear you, Anony 1.20 PM. And in that mode, Zoltar needs to “Get a grip”, "Get a life”, accept that EV always changes, stop being a “hater”, etc., etc.

Giovanni said...

I think Zoltar just got sick and tired of staring every day for the past year at the corner where DF Mavens ice cream-free ice cream parlor still hasn't opened, so he moved.

4:44 p.m. said...

It sucks to be swiped left.

Jose Garcia said...

We are shocked and saddened at the anti Zoltar sentiment being expressed here.

These comments are short sighted at best and repugnant at worst.

To wit; if everyone who calls the East Village home but might also find themselves a bit washed up or otherwise adrift in their personal or professional lives were banished from the neighborhood, who would be left besides the NYU trust fund kiddies?

Whether you believe Zoltar is better swiped left or swiped right, the one thing we can all agree on is that our neighbor, EV Grieve, is doing shrewd, hard hitting and important investigative reporting on an issue that is vitally important and deserves broader discussion. Perhaps even at the national level.

Can anyone say, Pulitzer?

All best, jg

Anonymous said...



Walter said...

2nd Avenue in the East Village should be renamed "Douchebag Boulevard" late nights on weekends.