Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gracefully is no longer open 24 hours on Avenue A

You'll need to check the clock next time that you have an urge for a, say, Smokey The Bear or Uncle Alex sandwich at 4:30 a.m…. the market at 28 Avenue A between East Second Street and East Third Street has changed their hours.

As of last night, the new hours are:

Monday-Saturday 6 am - 11 pm
Sunday 7 am - 11 pm

We don't know why the store stopped its 24/7 times … lack of overnight business? A cost-cutting move?

[Thanks to EVG reader Katie Mac for the tip]


Anonymous said...

NYC is not the round the clock city-that-never-sleeps that it once was. Seems also like some bars are closing around 2 now. Let's face it we are more of a straight laced 9-to-5 type of town these days.

Anonymous said...

East Village today is the new Wisconsin. Go Packers Go!

Anonymous said...

They closed Adinah's on 2nd St. and Ave C with no warning earlier this year which makes no sense since there are no good deli's around here. Maybe they're losing business to Union Market on Houston and A?

Anonymous said...

Oh god, commenters, which is it? Are we besieged by horrible drunken revelers from the suburbs at all hours, or are we becoming a horrible boring sleepy suburb because the incoming suburbanites don't know how to party properly?

Scuba Diva said...

What about the 1st avenue Gracefully? I'm too lazy to check for myself.

Reason I mention it, is they get the Beth Israel traffic—last time I went to the ER there, I stopped by Gracefully on the way home.

Anonymous said...

Though the new closing hours say 11pm, the place is locked up a good 10 minutes before that. I noticed this two nights in a row.

Anonymous said...

1st ave gracefully closes every night at 11, sometimes earlier too.