Monday, October 20, 2014

The Thirsty Buddha has closed; Taqueria St. Mark's on deck

Paper is up in the windows now at The Thirsty Buddha, the third bar (Saints Tavern! Kamikaze & Co.!) to give 79 St. Mark's Place a whirl.

Coming next: Taqueria St. Mark's, the former Taqueria Lower East Side, one of the restaurant victims who was looking for new home after Ben Shaoul bought that East Houston and Orchard corner space.

As we've mentioned, there seem to be plenty of places in the neighborhood now for tacos... with one more after Empellón al Pastor (bar meets tortilleria) opened yesterday on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place.

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Taqueria Lower East Side relocating to St. Mark's Place


Anonymous said...

How to make something dull and everyday, open one on every street. Enough with the tacos already.

MizuWari said...

Ha! The curse of Typhoon Lounge continues! All these bad bargain-basement hipster impostors with terrible, gaudy exterior paint jobs will never come close to recapturing the good times fun n' glory we had there until that warm night in late May of 2012.

Never, ever should've closed it down.