Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Council member Chin's office providing new funding for the Bowery Mission

[The Bowery Mission at 227 Bowery]

Last month, officials at the Bowery Mission reported that their food pantry is in dire need of donations.

According to DNAinfo, the Bowery Mission's food supply has dwindled while demand for meals has increased.

To help provided some relief in the year ahead, Council Member Margaret Chin will be allocating $9,000 in City Council funding to the Bowery Mission tomorrow.

As part of the Food Pantries Initiative included in the City's 2015 fiscal budget, the City Council's Manhattan Delegation is able to allocate $237,600 to food pantries. (There are 10 members of the Manhattan Delegation, which means each Council member has $23,760 to allocate to food pantries within their district.)

Aside from the $9,000 for the Bowery Mission, Chin is allocating $9,000 to the New York City Rescue Mission (90 Lafayette St.) and $5,760 to Cabrini Immigrant Services (139 Henry St.).


Anonymous said...

Terrible that they are in this situation. And $9000 to each of the two missions is the best the mayor- Mr tale of two cities- can do? Considering how many upscale people live here you'd think they would be able to raise what they need. People who pay $3500 a month for rent and spend $50 dollars on dinner should be able to maybe donate something without a second thought right? But in the new NYC that doesn't happen. How many
fundraisers/gofundme/kickstarter projects are going to raise tons of cash for nonsense? How many benefits are going on this weekend for some questionable overseas project? Meanwhile the missions struggle as always. Disgraceful. Where are the liberals/progressives who pretend they care about people? Guess when it comes to the homeless/destitute they really don't care. Maybe if the clients of the missions weren't mostly black and male they'd get more money? Oh- that can't be it - can it? Not here in the EV/NYC- the home of the enlightened. Whatever.
Let's just be honest. A dead tree in TSP gets more concern and attention than someone who goes to a mission for some warmth and a meal. Trees get more attention. For Profit businesses who need money get lots of donations to keep going. But a mission? They get nothing. Such hypocrisy in this hood- this town- and on this blog. Prob get 3-4 comments here. Put something about a squirrel up and get 40 comments. I'm so angry and disgusted. And now the non profits are cashing in and selling their buildings and cashing in. Its a recipe for disaster. You think there is a problem with poverty and homelessness now? Let the missions and others go under and see how it goes.

Scuba Diva said...

That's why we jail the homeless; so they can get their "three hots and a cot."