Monday, October 27, 2014

[Updated] Things that you might be able to briefly see streak across the sky this evening

And despite the rumors, it is NOT a promo for "Interstellar."

Ah, NASA aborted the launch... "due to a boat downrange in the hazard area."

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A look at NASA's Minotaur Rocket streaking across the East Village sky

H/T EVG reader Steven


Anonymous said...

It's kind of weird that rocket manufacturers put their logos on their rockets.

Anonymous said...

...and it exploded at liftoff

East Village Today said...

That's sad about the explosion. No exclamation points this time.

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

Didn't really explode at liftoff engine failure caused it to crash after it elevated about 300 meters, then it exploded in a spectacular fireball.

Can't believe we went to the moon once.