Thursday, October 30, 2014

When the jet ski arrived on East 5th Street

EVG regular Jose Garcia shares this...

It showed up about two weeks ago on East Fifth Street near Avenue C. It's not attached to the car in front of it.

It was the subject of a hive of activity when it first arrived. Mechanical repairs, etc.

And now it has become a seemingly permanent fixture on the street. Carefully and tenderly moved according to alternate side parking schedules.

Passersby can't seem to resist sitting on it. I guess I'm having aquatic fantasies. I think the jet ski itself might be sentient.


Crazy Eddie said...

Citi WaveRunner? The seat, soon to be smeared with excrement.

Anonymous said...

Preparing for the 2nd anniversary of Sandy.

Anonymous said...

Awhile ago around 7th or 8th and Ave C there was an old aluminum Grumman canoe propped up in the area in front of a building where trashcans and recycling bins are usually corralled. Stupidly, a picture was not taken by me.