Friday, October 31, 2014

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Head, St. Mark's Place, via Bobby Williams]

How Katz's stays in business against the odds (Slate)

Parcel of five buildings on the Bowery sold for $45 million; more luxury on the way (BoweryBoogie)

Photo Cut-Outs: From M. Henry Jones’ animated film Soul City, 1977-79 (Gallery98)

Looking for Pussy Galore in Tompkins Square Park (Flaming Pablum)

The latest on on the plight of the Siempre Verde Community Garden (The Lo-Down)

A noon-to-midnight marathon tomorrow of 7 rarely-screened, bona-fide horror classics (Anthology Film Archives)

A fall scene in Tompkins Square Park (Gog in NYC)

More photos and video from the last concert in Tompkins Square Park for the year (Slum Goddess)

Upscale floral designer lands on Avenue B (Women's Wear Daily)

About the latest NYC graffiti crackdown (Vice)

A look at "Sometimes Overwhelming," Arlene Gottfried's black-and-white shots of the people of New York in the 1970s and 80s (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Hipster heat map? (Business Insider)

Celebrities who wear Ramones T-shirts (Dangerous Minds)

... and tomorrow is the last day to see the work of Jane Wilson at DC Moore Gallery at 535 E. 22nd St. ... in celebration of her 60-year career. The exhibition will feature a group of rarely seen 1960s cityscapes inspired by Tompkins Square Park... the Times wrote about the exhibit today here...

[Rain on Avenue B, 1965. Oil on canvas]


East Village Today said...

I have a The Ramones tee shirt. Who doesn't?!

Trixie said...

I don't. Never have.