Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oct. 29

Yay I win! Sure, there isn't any authentication or whatever on this lush beauty spotted on Lafayette near Astor Place.

But we can discuss when I return from the Grand Prize Trip!


Makeout said...

Where you going? Allentown? See what I mean.


I thought that was Eden dressed as 'Sexy Thrown Out Christmas Tree' for Halloween.

Andrew Tyndall said...

Grieve! You magnificent, mischievous little darling!

I see what you are doing here: by violating Evidence Rule 901 so brazenly, you are trying to force Gruber MacDougal’s slimy henchmen out of their corrupt lair in Rego Park, forcing them to fulfill their ostensible role as referees for the International Coalition of Tree Tossing in the Spring.

Yet, as we all know -- any of us who have eyes to see the shakedowns taking place in front of our eyes -- the ICTTS is nothing more than a moneylaundering front. This little “lush beauty” as you call it, is such delicious bait, such an ovious hoax, they will not be able to resist, in their gluttony.

Grieve, claiming the Grand Prize Trip amounts to a masterful sting operation, you ingenious crimebuster, you. Please, take Makeout’s advice at 6:05 and hide out in Allentown until Gruber MacDougal’s callous Halloween weekend rampage blows over.

Eden Bee said...

Haha Lib!