Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Marshal seizes Cafe Cambodge on Avenue C

A tipster tells us that Cafe Cambodge, the French-Cambodian restaurant at 111 Avenue C near East Seventh Street, is closed for the time being.

There is a notice on the front door noting that the Marshal has seized the property ... and it is in the possession of the landlord.

Cafe Cambodge opened here back in February ... after the owner revamped the space from its 6-year run as Arcane.


Anonymous said...

very expensive for meager portions. doubt they got much biz.

Anonymous said...

Price/portion was actually pretty quite good, at least for the entrees I've tried. Food was actually pretty good in addition.

I rather liked the place, but kind of felt like it wasn't going to make it; place was a bit loud, and always a smell of smoke to it- which seemed to come from the kitchen oddly enough. Add in not many folks frequenting it, well... you get the idea.