Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office will yield to an 8-story residential building

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The first new building permit has been filed for the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office on East 14th Street. Plans are calling for an 8-story residential building with ground-floor retail here just west of Avenue A.

According to the DOB, the building will be 96,000 square feet, with 8,655 square feet designated for the retail space. Plans also show a total of 114 apartments.

SLCE Architects are listed as the designer of record. (Any renderings floating around out there?) That firm's résumé includes such high-profile projects as the Bloomberg mothership on Lexington Avenue and the Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center.

Demolition permits were ordered in October to bring down the post office and the former Stuyvesant Stationery shop next door.

This post office branch just west of Avenue A closed for good in February. The USPS is leasing the former Duane Reade at 333 E. 14th St. for retail services.

No word on when the demolition might start.

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Anonymous said...

The good: it will not be a hotel, or 30 story tower. The bad: more noise construction for anyone living nearby especially with the Nextel mega site across Ave A, more people jammed into the L train platform and trains each morning, most likely retail space for a bank or nation chain on street level. The ugly: most likely another one of those purple "bruise" color brick or aluminum clad bland boxes that are sprouting like mushrooms.

Gojira said...

Of course it will be. Imagination is no longer a working concept in this city.

Anonymous said...

New York is about making money and spending a lot of money on great architecture has not happened since the days of the Chrysler and Empire state buildings. Wipeout beautiful or historical buildings, build cheap and bland, get a good return on your investment, repeat.

alexstory said...

They can't just keep cramming people into the city without building the amenities for them all. Where are the new public schools and hospitals? And yes, a post office would be nice too.

nygrump said...

Sure they can, alexstory. You wouldn't expect the government of Guinea Bissae to provide amenities for its citizens, why is USA any different? They're both 3rd world police states.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again - people with rent standardized leases who never have to face market real estate prices complaining about adding new housing capacity to NYC.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to have more housing for RESIDENTS of New York City. not oligarchs parking their cash and transient students who don't care about anything but themselves.

Anonymous said...

80 percent of our EV rental is transient turnover. Makes it easy to keep hiking rents That's the way it is now. If you don't agree you're told to get out. Plus Air b n b so almost no way to get to know neighbors!

Who buys without thinking of hospitals, schools and infrastructure such as subways? Who worries about the long lines at the post office that is left? Where are the nursing homes, funeral parlors, anything besides high end clothing or artisanal gluten free food or cocktail places?

It's very strange, this new East Village.

JJ said...

This is good for the neighborhood

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to have more housing for RESIDENTS of New York City.

You are literally equivalent to the racist republicans on Fox News saying they only care about "REAL" Americans.

Just like all Americans are real Americans whether they be white, black, brown, urban, or rural, Everyone who lives in NYC is a New Yorker, even if they don't fit into the demographic that you may like.

Anonymous said...

Yes anyone who LIVES in New York and is counted in the cenus. Immigrants (legal or not) are counted. Students and visitors are not.