Friday, December 19, 2014

Wine store in the works for 50 3rd Ave.

Biomed Drugs & Surgical Supply Co. closed back in the spring at 50 Third Ave. near East 10th Street.

High rents did the 20-year-old store in, the cashier told Jeremiah Moss. And what might be next? The cashier figured "a chain, a restaurant or a bar — they're the only ones that can afford the rent."

Well, that's pretty close. We spotted a notice in the window the other day noting an application for Taste Wine LLC, an off-premises package store…

Also, for a little history of the address, Jeremiah pointed out that the location was once home to the wondrous Sig Klein's Fat Men's Shop.

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Gojira said...

What a surprise, alcohol! Cos we sure don't have enough of that flowing in the streets already!