Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Sweet Generation awning arrives

The awning arrived yesterday here at 130 First Ave. near St. Mark's Place, where the custom bakery is set to open early in the New Year.

As we first reported last month, this is the first storefront for owner Amy Chasan, a former high school arts teacher who quit her job to open the made-to-order cookie and cupcake business.

Here's more about the place:

Sweet Generation not only funds Arts education for youth, but engages young people in the business itself. A portion of Sweet Generation’s sales are donated to Arts organizations, and we support their fundraising efforts through in-kind donations of our baked goods. We also started an internship program that teaches baking, work readiness, and entrepreneurship to teens and young adults from low-income communities.

In 2013, the Voice named Sweet Generation the "Best Cupcake" in NYC.

After 30 years here, proprietor Wieslawa Kurowycky and her family decided to retire and close First Avenue Pierogi and Deli in early July.

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VH McKenzie said...

Just who's eating all these cupcakes? Didn't the Crumbs cupcake chain close nearly all its stores this past summer because of market saturation?

I think if I eat one cupcake a year I've had my fill.

I applaud the teaching aspect, arts fundraising, etc. but PLEASE can we have something that can reach the level of the dearly-departed Black Hound instead of cupcakes?

Anonymous said...

Like the idea, but I bought a tiny cupcake from them when they were fundraising here months ago: Nothing to write home about. Belgian waffles, piggies in blankets, overpriced juices and broths, cereal milk desserts, retro candy...why are all the new places serving something that seems desirable only to CHILDREN?

Gojira said...

@Anon. 10:17 - because that's what's moving into the neighborhood. I'm waiting for bars called The "High" Chair, Captain Kangabrew, and Mr. Rogers' Playberhood.

Anonymous said...

I'm over the cupcake craze even if it is for a good cause. Why not offer something different and healthier? I'm too fat!

Anonymous said...

Just what all of us needs after the holiday season: cavities and unwanted fat. As much as I enjoy cupcakes, I am over seeing them too.

Amy Chasan said...

Hi folks!
Don't fret, we will have many more options beyond our "Best of NYC" cupcakes, that include delicious coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company, as well as a variety of other pastries ranging from croissants and biscuits to cookie sandwiches. It's great to be in a community with so many delicious, decadent, and also healthy food options. We, at Sweet Generation, are all excited to open in the next couple weeks, and look forward welcoming you into the space we have all worked so hard to build. Sweet Generation is focused on creating opportunities for youth, and our new bakery does just that. The young people working in our business and developing as professionals certainly are eager to meet the community, as am I!

Thanks for staying updated on our build-out progress.

Amy Chasan
Owner/Founder, Sweet Generation

Scuba Diva said...

Anonymous 11:34 said:

I'm over the cupcake craze even if it is for a good cause. Why not offer something different and healthier? I'm too fat!

Vegan cupcakes are healthier—and lower in calories—but the complainers here don't appreciate vegan food either. [Witness DF Mavens: "It's too expensive! It's too fussy!" "When I was growing up in Queens, nobody had food allergies." Not that you noticed, anyway; when I was 6 in 1968, there was a classmate of mine who was allergic to milk and drank soymilk.]

It would be great—and progressive—if the store offers vegan options, because like it or not, veganism is the future. The earth is running out of available land for raising cattle, and the world's population is approaching 8 billion; do the fucking math.