Thursday, December 18, 2014

People apparently are enjoying their bone broth to go on 1st Avenue

[EVG file photo]

Hearth chef/owner Marco Canora added a new to-go window (door?) on the First Avenue side of the restaurant back on Nov. 3.

And people seem to like his bone broth and soups, which cost between $4 and $9. Crain's reports that the to-go business, called Brodo (Italian for broth), is attracting 200 customers a day.

Eater notes that the demand is such that Canora had to install a second stove for Brodo inside Hearth at East 12th Street.

Back to Crain's:

Mr. Canora said his new concept comes as the result of personal health issues, the rising popularity of broth and a desire to utilize Hearth's unused space. After January, he hopes to add vegetarian and seafood broths. He also plans to operate Brodo year-round. For the summer, he's considering serving refreshments such as tomato juice as well as a cucumber-fennel concoction, both with broth ice cubes.


Trixie said...

It's very good.

Trixie said...

There was a piece about it on CBS news this morning too.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Hearth also recently had a HUGE rent increase. Gotta offset that.

Anonymous said...

back to Sendak, "in January it is so nice while slipping on the sliding ice.."
Soup and broth rock every month.And as hesitant as I am to love a Hearth outpost, I frequent this window beyond my budget. Sipping once, sipping twice..sipping Brodo every night.