Monday, July 24, 2017

Darkstar coffee opens on Great Jones

Darkstar Coffee opened late last week at 2 Great Jones St. between Broadway and Lafayette.

As you can see, the place wasn't open for the day yet when I stopped by on Saturday morning...

It doesn't appear to be related to the Darkstar Coffee in Perth, Western Australia.

The cafe shares space with In Living Stereo ... where they had a small but well-curated record shop that closed back in the spring.


Anonymous said...

shall we go
you and I when we can
the transitive nightfall of diamonds

Anonymous said...

As soon as it stops raining I will run over there, because there aren't enough coffee stands in the EV to satisfy everyone's taste. And this being from Australia must mean that it is special beyond anything I can make at home. God when will this coffee madness stop?

cmarrtyy said...

They have a dream. They have the will. The have the cash. And they provide work. Welcome to the EV.

Jeff said...

What happened to the records? Such a shame to lose another record shop.

Cordelia Persen said...

They still sell records and sound systems and music is constantly playing as you get your coffee.