Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Looking at the Allegro Coffee Roasters, now open at Whole Foods Market® Bowery

The Allegro Coffee Roasters debuted on July 10 at Whole Foods Market® Bowery ... at the corner space on Chrystie and East Houston (where the Beer Store was).

[Top photos from July 10 by Steven]

The Colorado-based, Whole Foods-owned Allegro also has an outpost at the Whole Foods Market® Third & 3rd in Gowanus.

An EVG regular stopped by the other day... and noted the offerings...

Per the Allegro website:

The bright, welcoming interior is a mix of modern and nostalgic features that reflect the classic architecture of the Bowery and Lower East Side. We’ve outfitted the large, open bar with a sleek, custom Nuova Simonelli Black Eagle Espresso machine that is quite the conversation piece, and six nitro taps – three cold brews, two nitro teas and kombucha. Our baristas will be hand brewing and batch brewing small microlot coffees from all over the world.

The reader stood in line a few minutes and left before ordering after the person in front of her asked the barista to describe the hand brews.

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Looking at the Allegro Coffee Roasters coming to Whole Foods Market® Bowery


Anonymous said...

I just don't get the endless opening of coffee places, I mean how much coffee does the average person drink per day and why are they compelled to always have a cup in hand where ever they go? I cannot imagine large quantities of caffeine is good for a persons health. I have noted random articles online stating the great health benefits to coffee, everything from preventing cancer to longevity. I wonder who is promoting these stories which I'm sure are "advertorials" and not based on scientific research. A good friend of mine had such a build up of caffeine in her system that her doctors told her to greatly reduce her consumption and to never drink more than 2 cups per day. People have to be a little more conscious of not getting swept up in over consumption iof cleverly marketed products such as "super foods" which of course is complete nonsense. Too much of anything is bad for you ultimately.

Anonymous said...

Opening at 7am? See, that's the problem with the EV - no more work ethic, no getting out at 5 am., no schlepping to a job where you go to work and produce, none of that anymore.

Anonymous said...

But the mystery remains. What is hand-brewed coffee?

But I certain that massive consumption of bad and overpriced coffee go hand in hand with bad twitter feeds.

cmarrtyy said...

Coffee cups, cells and water bottles are millennial props. And sad to say... skunk weed and heroin....