Monday, July 24, 2017

Former San Loco space for rent on 2nd Avenue

[Photo from Friday]

The empty storefront is now on the rental market at 124 Second Ave. between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place.

The listing (PDF here) doesn't offer too many specifics on the 800-square-foot space. There isn't any mention of the asking rent... (the first neighboring tenant mentioned is Caffe Bene, which closed in April on St. Mark's Place...)

San Loco closed last month "due to a rent increase that is unsustainable," according to owner Jill Hing. The business opened in this location in 1986.


Gojira said...

More greed blight.

Anonymous said...

San Loco should take down their sign. Why help this landlord secure your replacement when he drove you out with too much rent?

How long does the San Loco at 111 Stanton Street (the only remaining location in Manhattan) have left?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:45, I believe that taking down the sign would only be an additional (and unreimbursed) expense for the vacating restaurant. They'd have to hire riggers, electricians, truck, and so forth. Unless they're planning on taking the sign to a new location, it wouldn't be worth it. If I'm not mistaken, the cost of replacing the sign usually falls to the new tenant, unless the lease has a specific clause requiring it of the vacating tenant. (If you notice when you're next in the theater district, you'll see that old shows' marquees remain in place--though unlit--until the new show comes in.)

Anonymous said...

My guess is San Loco or the landlord will have to remove the neon sign at their expense once the new tenant moves in.

If San Loco has to remove it they could keep it and store it away for a possible fourth NYC location (as they have one location left in Manhattan and two locations in Brooklyn.)

If the landlord has to remove it I'm guessing they'd give it to San Loco just to be nice moreover what would the landlord do with it?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward for a Michelin-starred restaurant. And it ain't a "restaurant" unless it has a full liquor license. Change. Progress. Embrace the change.

Anonymous said...

It won't be a Michelin-starred restaurant. I'm looking forward to a new quick-serve-type restaurant. Like an Otto's Tacos-caliber place (but not tacos since there are two places across the street).

Embrace the places for people who aren't developers and trolls 9:57.

Anonymous said...

Restaurants like Blue Water Grill are backed by conglomerates and such. They can always open somewhere else. What about those small restaurants in the East Village?

Unknown said...

I was just there a few weeks ago. I always stop by on my walk to 11th and Broadway. I missed their tacos so much since they closed on AveA. I would usually be by there at odd hours- like 3, 1 or 4 pm but they always had people eating there. If I did stop by on a weekend night they seemed busy enough.Honestly, I am just so tired so this s***. Ave A is a disgusting strip mall. That building between 6th and 7th St. Just WHY? NONE of that fits with the neighborhood and everything they build looks exactly the same. That MASSIVE BLINK fitness sign is the worst. And DeBlasio needs to stop sending me emails that say- in Solidarity.That just makes me want to explode with anger.