Monday, April 2, 2018

Checking in on 886, opening later this month on St. Mark's Place

Work continues at 26 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue ... where 886 (or Eight Eight Six) — a full-service Taiwanese restaurant named after its country code — will open at the end of the month...

And in case you haven't read their note that has been up on the front door... the 886 owners, whose résumé includes The Tang on First Avenue, offer a few more details on what's to come...

"We will be serving an array of local Taiwanese stir fry along with some comforting and creative dishes. Our mission is to bring people together with delicious food and authentic Taiwanese hospitality." (The note also offers an apology in advance as they "approach our more 'noisy' construction period." I think that period has already passed.)

The previous tenant at No. 26, TK Kitchen, which served bubble tea and various Taiwanese street food, closed this past December.

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That egg sandwich certainly does look good.