Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Post looks at the Night Mayor's fines as an East Village bar owner

In case you haven't had your fill of Night Mayor articles (apparently the Post hasn't), the tabloid reports today that Ariel Palitz paid nearly $30,000 in fines when she owned the Sutra Lounge for 10 years on First Avenue between First Street and Second Street.

Per the Post:

“She racked up a number of violations, for sure,” said Liquor Authority Spokesman William Crowley.

Palitz was slapped with 24 violations in the 10 years she ran the club that was dubbed the noisiest in the city.

The majority of complaints against her watering hole were for noise but the bar was also cited for serving underage patrons, selling booze past the 4 a.m. cutoff, and allowing dancing and a DJ without a license.

Investigators also cited the bar for various problems with signage, exits and rearranging the layout for the DJ and dancing.

In an interview with The Lo-Down from 2012, she blamed a single neighbor for the multiple 311 calls.

According to the Post: "Her bar was forced to shut down for a week in July of 2011 and she paid a total of $28,250 in fines."

Palitz, an East Village resident, was recently appointed senior executive director of the Office of Nightlife (aka Night Mayor). In her role, she'll serve as a point of contact among city agencies, communities and the city's nightlight industry.


Save North Avenue A said...

Ariel Palitz is self-serving, obnoxious, and not suited to be the Night Mayor. She is not a respected member of the East Village, the job she did on CB3 was suspect - it was clear that even listening to residents was an imposition to her. She would roll her eyes and dismiss the very people she was supposed to help. Yet there was never a bar that came her way (or a bar masquerading as a restaurant) that she didn't court. I'm not surprised that the Post found this information. It's obvious: Ariel Palitz is toxic in her role as Night Mayor in a way that is more dangerous than her role in CB3. This shows how out of touch Mayor de Blasio and his administration is.

cmarrtyy said...

Wow! Could you believe... YESYESYES. WHERE ARE OUR POLITICIANS?!... at a noisy party with Palitz, I bet.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to keep mentioning that she is an EV resident? It's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

So basically the fox is running the hen house, with full approval from De Blah-sio!

I agree that "toxic" is an adjective that can rightly be used to describe Palitz. The other term that comes to mind is "carpetbagger". She will be answerable to no one, including our useless mayor.

Anonymous said...

Our Mayor pulled a Trump and put a person which could not be less suitable for this position.

Carol from East 5th Street said...

I'd love to know who did the vetting for this position. They obviously did not do a very good job. Ariel Palitz was the worst choice for this spot.
As a member of CB3's SLA committee she was glaringly biased in favor of bars. In addition she was chastised several times by Chair Heads for her rude behaviour towards residents.
Also she has a consulting business which helps bars get their liquor license touting her experience on CB3's SLA committee as knowing how to overcome resistance on the part of the board and the residents.
Is there a term limit for this job?

Anonymous said...

De Basio is in over his head. He can't handle anything. He's entirely disassociated from reality and his body. Incapable/regressive. He won't answer anything. He's defensive and ice cold.

Anonymous said...

Is there any punishment for landlords of the buildings that house the bars that drive us crazy in the East Village? I am curious about this.

Anonymous said...

"the fox is running the hen house?"

The Night Mayor position exists to advocate for nightlife, that's it's point. Obviously she has to take residents into account, but they're not her main focus.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is out of control all right. He owes real estate and nightlife so the future is already written. The only possible hope is that criminals are cough and charged. He has no morality. Just going through the motions. His wife is already looking towards a position for herself. I don't know how promising his future in politics looks.

LES Lifer said...

This decision to crown Arilel Palitz Nightlife Mayor proves yet once again Mayor de Blasio makes really poor decisions.

Talk of community engagement and listening tours is a dog and pony show. The sole purpose of Ms. Palitz and her office is to PROMOTE, PROTECT, & PLEASE THE NIGHTLIFE INDUSTRY.

Political donations were made to the Mayor & certain Council Members (Mr. Espinal specifically). Lobbyists and special interest were in the pockets of our politicos, as usual.

Was Ms. Palitz vetted? How did a person who racked up 30K in NY SLA violations, had one of the worst bars in the EV, and antagonized residents at publicly held community board meetings qualify to head this office with a130K salary (paid for by tax payers)?

Menin is impressive. Smart. She seems destined for higher office, but Ariel Palitz who not only comes with baggage, is also completely ill equipped to hold public office. Ms. Pailitz may end up being Ms. Menin's downfall.

The Mayor just added more taint to a political legacy already smeared with scandal, corruption, and incompetence.