Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Empire Gyro announces itself on Allen and Houston

The sign crew arrived on Sunday (top pic!) here on the southeast corner of Allen and Houston to install the new tenant's marquee... and here's Empire Gyro...

The Times reported last month that the 24/7 restaurant will serve a menu that includes soups, salads, kebabs and shawarma. (And no relation to Empire Biscuit!)

The Sugar Cafe closed here in February 2017 after 10-plus years in business. A rent increase — perhaps as much as double the previous ask — was reportedly behind the closing.

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'Mediterranean fusion' for the former Sugar Cafe on Houston and Allen


DrGecko said...

A (pale, homogenized?) replacement for Bereket?

Pinch said...

Is it confirmed that 212-4 is a legitimate telephone number?

Unknown said...

I just hope they have good Lamb gyros like Bereket used to have.