Wednesday, November 28, 2018

In the West Village, Integral Yoga Natural Foods is closing after 45 years

[Image via Manhattan Sideways]

Heading outside the neighborhood for this report... several EVG readers shared that news that Integral Yoga Natural Foods, the one-of-a-kind market at 229 W. 13th St. between Seventh Avenue and Greenwich Avenue, is closing later next month after 45 years in business.

Here's part of the message:

The retail climate has changed and is filled with overwhelming competition and challenges. Small local stores keep losing ground to big corporate chains.

We should all be proud of the trailblazing, ground breaking and revolutionary role that the food store played in the launching of the natural foods movement. Now organic and plant-based natural foods are everywhere.

The space will be made available for rent.

The last day will be on or before Dec. 23.

However, the Integral Yoga Institute next door will continue on.


JQ LLC said...

I have never been inside there, but passing by it almost everyday, I always admired it's presence as of many many places I have seen forced to shut down.

It's a damn shame that even a successful independent business like this can't thrive anymore. This city is truly under siege by the Gentrification Industrial complex of real estate developers and the speculator/fabricators and the spineless elected government "representative" "officials". And of course "led" by REBNY's marionettes: the two-faced corrupt mayor of ours and Mario's son and now Bezos stepchild Gov. Andrew Amazon

Anonymous said...

Wow! Never Ever expected this...

Jill W. said...

Oh no! It wasn't my regular because of geography, but it was really a great store. If people are interested in giving their business to small health food stores, please consider the 4th Street Food Co-op, between Bowery & 2nd Ave. It has a similarly long history, and is totally member run (but anyone can shop there).

Anonymous said...

That's sad but please note that they own the its just a change in business I would guess