Sunday, November 25, 2018

Week in Grieview

[Thanksgiving on 9th Street]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

RIP Jimi Zhivago (Tuesday)

Report: NYCHA tenants on Avenue C have been without heat and hot water since Nov. 15 (Wednesday)

Report of a fire at 204 E. 13th St. (Friday)

RIP Chile (Saturday)

A concept revamp for the Cienfuegos space on Avenue A (Monday)

This week's NY See (Friday)

Scenes from a (re)marriage: Comedy classics at the Anthology Film Archives (Tuesday)

Take a Stand at this holiday market on 7th and C (Friday)

Green paint arrives on the new 12th Street bike lane (Friday)

Space Mabi closes 1 year in on 1st Avenue (Monday)

Ichibantei vying for 20 St. Mark's Place, and an update on the former Grassroots Tavern space (Monday)

New building permits pre-filed for the (slightly larger) tech hub on Union Square (Monday)

At Leah Tinari's book signing for 'Limitless' at an.mé on 9th Street (Sunday)

Dua Kafe, serving Albanian-American cuisine, now open on 14th Street (Tuesday)

[Photo from Tompkins Square Park this morning]

Ummburger has closed on 1st Avenue (Monday)

What lies beneath 9th Street and 3rd Avenue? (Monday)

Biga NYC debuts on Clinton and Houston (Monday)

Despite its mediocre food, Panna II is a line-waiting smash thanks to Instagram and those twinkling lights (Tuesday)

Three Seat Espresso increases the seats for espresso on Avenue A (Monday)

... and a new mural arrived earlier in the week on Houston at the Bowery via Brazilian artist Tito Ferrara...

... which joins the recently arrived "Imagination of Alice" by @aluckyrabbit ...

Thanks to East Village Walls...


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Last night Solas's happiness came in the form of two packs of inane bros screaming at each other, beating on their chests, girlfriends shrieking, yet were too drunk to actually fight. This went on for 30 minutes. Happy Thanksgiving indeed, Solas.