Sunday, November 25, 2018

Reader report: SUV takes out part of the sidewalk bridge on Houston and Avenue B

EVG regular Salim shares this photo from earlier this morning ... showing the aftermath of an SUV colliding with the sidewalk bridge on the northwest corner of Houston and Avenue B.

No word on the cause of the collision or injuries. (We've heard from readers through the years noting how dangerous the East Houston-Avenue B/Clinton Street intersection is.)

The NYPD remains on the corner ... and the area is cordoned off... likely awaiting a new sidewalk bridge for outside the long-empty 6 Avenue B...

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Anonymous said...

SUV DRIVER crashed into the sidewalk bridge. Driverless cars are still not operating in the city. The reason for the crash is reckless driving by the driver of the vehicle and involved speeding. The NYPD car in the photo blocks off the bike lane, creating a safety hazard for bicycle riders, forcing them to ride closer to reckless drivers.


And would you like the NYPD to park, in the middle of the street?