Friday, November 23, 2018

[Updated] Report of a fire at 204 E. 13th St.

The FDNY responded to a report of a fire this morning at 7 on the top floor of 204 E. 13th St., a four-story building between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

A resident on the block shared these photos and video...

No word at this moment on injuries or the cause of the fire. The resident said that the FDNY quickly extinguished the fire in the apartment, which appears to be gutted.

According to Streeteasy, the building, owned by Steve Croman, has three residential units. Bruno Pizza is in the retail space.

Updated 11/26

Bruno Pizza, will be closed for the foreseeable future.

"There is extensive water damage in the restaurant," owner Demian Repucci told me via email. "But the biggest thing is that ConEd shut off the electricity, gas and water to the whole building.

"We're trying to figure out the situation and what it will take to get back up and running."


JQ LLC said...

Wait a minute, just 3 units in the whole building or the top floor? It sounds like this tenement building was converted to condos.

blue glass said...

years ago there were three floor through, in awful condition, apartments.
the bulding was owned by jerry, one of the "partners" in the store - hudsons - and the hotel above it.
the hotel catered to working single people and by-the-hour ladies.

taxi shot some scenes in the halls causing disruption to the building's tenants. the pimps came around to show off their fabulous shoes and their girls.

Anonymous said...

@8:00am: No, it's a tenement converted to RENTALS.

Anonymous said...

define tenement