Thursday, August 1, 2019

Summer Streets returns to the streets this summer

The 12th annual Summer Streets celebration returns on the first three Saturdays of the month (August!) in which nearly seven miles of NYC roadways are closed to vehicles for people to run, walk, bike, etc.

The festivities begin tomorrow night when the city tows anyone parking along the Summer Streets.

As in previous years, this car-free zone includes Lafayette, Astor Place and Fourth Avenue.

You can find more details about Summer Streets at this link, including what kind of activities to expect at Astor Place.


Anonymous said...

Three half days a year we get to enjoy the single largest swaths of open space in our city. The rest of the and trucks rule the center of our city and diminish our quality of life. So many other cities have turned the city core back to spaces usable by *people*, to the verified economic and quality of life benefits of pretty much everybody there--retail, pedestrians, just folks.

Some day we New Yorkers might get there, with some vision and will from our leaders and from us.

noble neolani said...

Hurray the 12th annual Summer Streets celebration or as some pedestrians call it "death race 2019"