Tuesday, November 26, 2019

beQu Juice is closing on 9th Street

[Photo by Steven]

You may have noticed the for rent sign above beQu Juice (or Bqjuice) at 350 E. Ninth St. just west of First Avenue.

Workers confirmed that the shop was expected to close after service tomorrow (Nov. 27). Management says that they hope to find another space elsewhere in the neighborhood.

The juice shop opened in January 2014 at the former home of the 9th Street Bakery, which closed in 2012 following an unsuitable rent increase.


Peachy McPeachface said...

Good. Maybe the bakery will come back.

Anonymous said...

Bakery won't be coming back due to an unsuitable rent increase which is why the juice shop is closing.

Unknown said...

So sad. I loved this place, my go-to for healing soups when I am ill. Staff is lovely and it's always so quick. What is happening to the EV???

Anonymous said...

why does anyone bother trying to open a store?

Jill W. said...

property for rent:

Christopher Pelham said...

I willl really miss this place. Where else can we get healthy soups and those greats, gluten free energy cookies?