Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A quick look at the under-renovation Joseph C. Sauer Park

Renovation work started the week of Oct. 21 here at Joseph C. Sauer Park on 12th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B.

The Parks website lists construction as 2 percent complete... here's a look at 2 percent in the books...

The upgrades include new equipment, seating areas and plantings. The $4-million renovations — part of Mayor de Blasio’s Community Parks Initiative — have a completion date of October 2020, per the Park's website.

The schematic on the Parks website still shows a 4-foot fence along 12th Street...

On Oct. 18, following a petition drive and community concern over safety issues, local Assemblymember Harvey Epstein and City Councilmember Carlina Rivera announced a deal with the city that would keep the fence outside the Park at 8 feet once it reopens.

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Anonymous said...

Would be nice if there was a small dog run. I cannot understand the lack of thought when it comes to renovating or creating new park areas in the City. A dog run in every park would be a boon to everyone. Cleaner streets. Parks being utilized by the residents of the neighborhood at all times. Something nice for our furry friends.

Anonymous said...

It is at two percent because work is not performed at most weekdays. Today there was nobody there.

Anonymous said...

TWO PERCENT in a month? Hmmm, that would mean it's a 50-month job, which I don't doubt.