Monday, November 25, 2019

Dig debuts on 4th and 13th

Dig opened last week on the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue at 13th Street.

And this outpost of the health-conscious fast-casual chain is taking part in a pilot program for its take-out food containers.

Per Forbes:

The program called Canteen by Dig allows customers to checkout a reusable bowl (for $3 per month) made of a BPA-free melamine, take their food anywhere and then return the container once they’ve finished.

“More than ever, people are conscious of their everyday impact on the environment and looking for ways to actively reduce their footprint,” said Elizabeth Meltz, Head of Environmental Health at Dig.

Dig will test the program for the next few months and eventually extend it to other partner restaurants and businesses, per Forbes.

Meanwhile, this storefront has been reusable in recent years. This has been a challenging corner for businesses since the longtime deli was rent-hiked out of here in November 2012. The space has been home to Fresh & Co. and Pie Face and, most recently, Sandwicherie in the past five years.

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Scuba Diva said...

I'd like to know if I can bring my stainless-steel tin to get food at Dig Inn; some businesses welcome it, and some refuse to use anything but their disposables, citing health codes.

This tiffin with the locking top is self-sealing and a far better option than paper or plastic containers; I hope the longer I persist in using it, the more food businesses will see the practicality of it.

Anonymous said...

I like the reusable idea. But is this place cashless? I think they might be. If they are, I hope they'll reconsider their policy, which is both elitist and annoying.

Anonymous said...

Pricey but the food is amazing.

Anonymous said...

The space has very little seating, especially compared to the previous tenants. There’s a lot of space for a line of customers. Diners are forced to take their food outside, so at least they’re thoughtful about the problem they’re foreseeing.

Anonymous said...

Dig Inn is helping us save the environment by offering an exciting opportunity to pay them $3 a month so they can save on buying disposable bowls. How can I resist.