Friday, November 15, 2019

Grant Shaffer's NY See

Here's the latest NY See, East Village-based illustrator Grant Shaffer's comic series — an observational sketch diary of things that he sees and hears around the neighborhood.

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Felton Davis said...

Go Grant! The transit was also shown on the steps of the Museum of Natural History. At Second Avenue there was a lengthy discussion about "Mercury in Retrograde," and what effect that might have on the transit. So, for the record: although astrologically the Sun is in Scorpio now, astronomically it is in Libra. Mercury orbits the Sun much faster than Earth does, so it regularly overtakes us, moving around counter-clockwise, and therefore appearing to move left-to-right rather than right-to-left. Indeed it passed in front of the Sun retrograde on Monday, but reflector telescopes invert the image, so it appeared to pass right-to-left. The Earth rotates toward the east, but our neighborhood streets are angled a few degrees, and so not exactly east-west. The next one is in 2032, but will not be visible here.