Friday, November 15, 2019

Your chance to tell a story with the 8 Ball Community

The 8 Ball Community, a volunteer-run art and media collective, has moved into the East Village.

Tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 16), they're taking part in The Creative Time Summit X with an installation called "People's Newsroom." The installation is open to the public, no prior registration needed. Here's a rundown via the EVG inbox...

Calling all East Village & Downtown NYC neighbors, street vendors, gardeners, activists, poets, writers, organizers, performers, artists, librarians, food cart vendors, informal antique collectors, thrift shop owners, workers, psychics, dojo & theater managers, etc., to come thru and tell a story of their own choosing at "People's Newsroom," a one-off new show produced by 8 Ball TV as part of Creative Time Summit X.

-Where: 8 Ball HQ, 59 E. 4th St. (between Second Avenue and the Bowery), 7th Floor, buzzer 14
-When: Saturday Nov. 16, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

No prep needed. Just bring your story, as intimate or universal as you wish, vent-off, advertise your craft or small business, deliver a PSA, read a poem, share a recipe, give us a micro oral history piece, tell us about your community garden or how your neighborhood changed.

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