Saturday, June 6, 2020

Anwar Grocery burglarized

Text and photos by Stacie Joy

Anwar Hossain, who owns Anwar's Grocery at 106 Avenue B between Sixth Street and Seventh Street, arrived to work yesterday morning to find his front door knocked in and $1,200 missing from the cash register.

Anwar said that there isn't any video record of the burglary. He plans to ask the building's landlord for help getting additional plywood to prevent or deter another break-in.

While Anwar was sad about the burglary, he remains optimistic about the future and said he doesn't have plans to close the store. The grocery's hours will remain flexible for now.


Michael Hnatyshyn said...

Not to sound crass or uncaring, but it is not the landlord's responsibility to provide him with plywood for his store. If he wants to prevent break-ins he needs to install a roll down gate and his own security cameras.

Skully said...

1,That greatly depends on the lease. 2, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help. Especially immediately after an incident. 3, yes you are crass and uncaring!

Unknown said...

it does not seem like the 9th precinct is patrolling the neighborhood at all. "Normally" they were a constant presence. Are they just hding behind their barricades on E5th?

Choresh Wald said...


DrGecko said...

@Skully - MIchael said he didn't want to *sound* crass and uncaring. It's ok, I guess, to *be* crass and uncaring.

As for the cops patrolling, why should they? They spent last Monday night sitting or standing around watching looters. They welcome this kind of crime.

Anonymous said...

Aw poor guy. This spot is so classic NYC