Thursday, June 11, 2020

Happy returns: Trash cans are back on East Village sidewalks

Reports are coming in today that the city is returning trash cans to the sidewalks... we've heard from a tipster on Avenue A as well as from MP, who submitted the above photo from Second Avenue and Ninth Street.

City workers started scooping up the trash cans back on May 31 in the aftermath of the post-protest mayhem that erupted on parts of Second Avenue, Third Avenue and Astor Place.


Anonymous said...

I've been noticing the increased amount of trash on the streets since restaurant and bars have been doing curbside service. Weekends in Tompkins are absolutely disgusting as the brunchers leave their trash behind.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous....more trash on the streets? More than there was before the cans were removed? I doubt that. The cans were always overflowing due to the amount of visitors to the neighborhood and those pigs who actually live here and just don't care. We have all seen it. Go out early in the morning on any avenue in the EV, especially along Second Avenue which has too many bars and restaurants serving alcohol. Drunk buzzed selfish people who think that our neighborhood is their trashcan. Perhaps with less people coming to eat here due to Covid (restaurants not reopening at all, restaurants and bars at 1/4 occupancy, less parking spaces, etc.) perhaps we will actually have a cleaner, quieter and more civil EV. Of course business' will suffer, the mom and pop as well as the large corporate stores. Let's not forget the lack of students in the neighborhood as well due to NYU and Cooper doing online classes.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if people threw their trash into trash cans and not on top of closed garbage bags.