Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Thailand Cafe will not be reopening on 2nd Avenue

A for lease sign now hangs outside what is the former Thailand Cafe here on Second Avenue between Fifth Street and Sixth Street.

The inexpensive-eats spot, seemingly around for years under several different owners, had been dormant since the COVID-19-related PAUSE. The restaurant's phone and website are no longer in service.

And the rent for the 1,300-square-foot space is available upon request.


Anonymous said...

Another empty store front in the neighborhood. When are landlords going to learn that you can't charge a gazillion dollars and expect your tenants to stay, especially in this environment. Best case scenario for our neighborhood would be for Cuomo to legalize recreational marijuana and then have our empty storefronts become legal pot shops. The neighborhood would thrive.
As for this particular restaurant, the food was pretty decent, not fantastic, but always just good enough to go back. But over the years their prices got higher and higher and their portions got smaller and smaller.

Anonymous said...

No! This sucks. I loved this place. They had the best lunch deals in the hood. Delicious food. Damn. These closings are really going to sting. :(

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:15...oh they weren't that good or that cheap really. Honestly there has not been a fantastic Thai restaurant in the EV since Siam Square closed 25 years ago. Their food was outstanding and cheap. Many other great food great prices restaurant have disappeared over the last decades...that is change, but not necessarily progress.
Kiev (now a Pasta restaurant) on 7th and Second - best Ukranian/Russian/Polish food around
Bamboo House (now Madame Vo...well it looks closed too) on 6th and Second - best Chinese food
Bini-Bon (now Cooper Craft) on 5th and Second - best southern/soul food
Telephone (now 13 Steps)- just great food for brunch, lunch or dinner
White Wave, Virage, the list goes on and on.